Vogue UK

Ala Mairi’s luxury scarves are featured in the April 2016 UK Vogue’s Style Wars.


E F Magazine

Founder and designer Fatima Mahmood drew on her Scottish and Pakistani ancestry to conceptualize her first collection, a beautiful line of delicate pieces made up of pale greys with punches of burnt orange and embroidered silk.


The Scotsman

THE rewards of saving dying skills and treating artisans with care on two continents are clear in the cosmopolitan elegance of Ala Mairi.


Scotland On Sunday

The Scottish influence can be seen in the Fair Isle motifs, Shetland lace, tweed and handloom weaving, while the Pakistani element is there in the hand-dyed raw silk and intricate embroidery. Mahmood supplies the cutting edge fashion sense.


Edinburgh Evening News


Elux Magazine

Ala Mari is simply a luxury ethical fashion brand that uniquely fuses the cultures of Scotland and Pakistan in its garment designs, mainly by producing stunning colours.


Positive Luxury

Fatima Mahmood combines the traditional silk crafts from her cultural home, with the near extinct art of Scottish hand loom weaving to match high fashion with ethical living.


Not Just A Tartan

This new luxury ethical clothing and accessories brand is the brainchild of Fatima Mahmood, and operates out of the city of Edinburgh.


Ecolux London

Ala Mairi’s designs combine hand-woven fabrics created by traditional artisans in Scotland with hand embroidered 100% silks by women in Pakistan, providing them with a dignified and sustainable livelihood.


Business Boom Collective

We take a look at the debut collection, which fuses aspects of both Scottish and Islamic culture to great effect, whilst hearing from Fatima on her inspirations, creative journey and future plans.



Shereen Nanjiani interviews Fatima Mahmood about ALA MAIRI and her future visions for the luxury fashion social enterprise.


Herald Scotland

Edinburgh-based founder Fatima Mahmood believes the venture can carve a niche in the fashion world and is delighted with how the first collection has turned out.