Umbriel handwoven Scarf

Umbriel handwoven scarf

The Umbriel scarf is handcrafted luxury accessory which combines sophisticated colour palette with an array of strong geometric shapes. Perfect for those who love to wear an outstanding and creative design, seeking for a luxury ethical piece with a beautiful story. Ala Mairi has pushed the boundaries of handloom weaving with our talented Scottish artisans and created a contemporary design from traditional craftsmanship. Hints of oranges shifting seamlessly with charcoal motif and central within the scarf is a simple yet elegant plain weave. This handwoven in Scotland, this luxury scarf a special addition to your wardrobe. Comes with a gift box. Dimension: 45cm x 200cm approx.


£ 245.00

Product Description

Umbriel handwoven silk scarf  is made by Ala Mairi’s Scottish weavers. This glamorous and innovative accessory makes the perfect accompaniment for any occasion. Over your shoulders or around your neck this luxury scarf will complement any outfit with perfection. Our artisans mix strong midnight blues and hints of yellow sunshine to break up the stormy charcoal motif within the main design adding a flash of sunset oranges to create bands of colours to create a subtle yet elegant scarf. This luxury scarf is a timeless accessory  which will bring innovative touch to your outfit. The patterns were inspired by modern Islamic architecture and Ala Mairi’s inspiration for the Scottish Landscapes express this collection’s colour pallet.



Garment care

Instructions for looking after the garments

The Journey

The Amalgam collection is the ultimate creative journey and collaboration of the designer with Scottish artisans. Weeks and months of working together on the inspiration ‘Islamic architecture’ , design development, sampling, sourcing the best ethical and sustainable yarns for this collection is one of the satisfying and wonderful experiences of Ala Mairi. The designer travels frequently to meet up with the independent hand loom weavers in their small studios or hand looms in their own homes.  In the weavers own words …’there is no words that can describe what this collection can be called as a unique design, the weave structure is simple yet elegant and we can only say this… the collection is an amalgam… it fuses together timeless weaving pattern with a modern twist‘… …The design has limitless possibilities, and each pattern can be uniquely twisted, mixed and blended – it is an amalgam with an element of alchemy.


60/2 silks. – 11.5 / 2 finest super-soft Shetland yarns – finest sourced organic 20/2 cotton.
Product Care
Dry clean only. Cool iron. Do not tumble dry.
45cm x 200cm approx.
Delivery time 7-10, if not in stock. To make each scarf it can take our independent artisan handloom weaver’s  up to 4/5 days.
Designed in Scotland and hand woven in the Highlands.